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Giving power to those who take action

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Our mission:

Giving power to those who take action

The power to build a better world for future generations;
The power to rally around the most vulnerable populations;
The power to lead the fairest and most sustainable transitions;
The power to shine a light on those who make a difference.

For 40 years, we have been discovering, bringing together and supporting talents who lead innovative and impactful projects; projects that are part of a systemic approach to social, environmental and cultural change.

Through our cutting-edge approach, we support people and projects that help change the world: boldly and innovatively, over the long term, with active and tailored support, in order to publicise them, promote them, and perpetuate their actions.

This is our mission.

We take action to:

Give confidence in the future

Understand and protect the planet

Support culture and make it accessible

Committed to philanthropy
for the common good

« Can a changing world evolve towards new paradigms? Is a fairer, more sustainable and more artistic world possible? For many people it is not only possible, it is a necessity. This is the approach that the BNP Paribas Foundation has taken for 40 years, backing social innovation as well as artistic creation and environmental research, and doing what it takes so that each of its actions has an impact on the world and society at large.  »

Michel Pébereau

Honorary Chairman of BNP Paribas Group
Chairman of the BNP Paribas Foundation

« Acting for the common good, providing solutions, fostering this ambition notably driven by the impetus provided by the Groupe’s employees, and persuading all stakeholders – private, public, and associations – to do their part: this is what the BNP Paribas Foundation is meant to do. To protect, remediate, inspire, act on both urgent matters and for the long term, and extend a hand and give everyone a chance must be a leading objective.  »

Anne Pointet

Head of BNP Paribas Group Company Engagement
Member of BNP Paribas Group Executive Committee

« Taking action to make the world a better place is part of our philanthropic activities’ DNA. Innovating, fostering dreams, supporting visionary actors of solidarity, the environment and culture to enable them to grow, giving power to those who take action, and playing our role as a lookout are all missions that we take to heart in each of our patronage. The creation of our new Exploration Lab will further this pioneering approach. »

Isabelle Giordano

Head of BNP Paribas Group Philanthropy
General Delegate of the BNP Paribas Foundation

Our impact

Since 1984, the Foundation has provided its support to more than 2 million beneficiaries and more than 4,200 projects, including:


social and educational initiatives


research programmes on the climate and biodiversity


cultural projects