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Projet Banlieues: giving new momentum to local associations fighting against exclusion

Since 2006, Projet Banlieues helps local associations working to promote living as a community, for a better access to education, and for social and professional inclusion.

Last update: 9 July 2024

Since 2006, through Projet Banlieues, and in tandem with the BNP Paribas commercial banking network in France (BCEF), the BNP Paribas Foundation has supported several associations working in the heart of underprivileged neighbourhood (identified as urban development priorities). These associations intervene in a wide range of areas such as education, social and professional integration and community life.

Since the creation of the programme, which is based on calls for applications, over 1,200 local associations have received financial support, including 150 new ones every year. Their actions on the ground have helped fight various forms of exclusion in the most directly concerned parts of France, with 1.2 million beneficiaries.

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Projet Banlieues aims to support and promote recognition of the actions of these everyday heroes who put their energy at the service of their community.

Since 2019, Projet Banlieues has broadened its scope of action and now covers 80% of the population living in underprivileged neighbourhoods, including the integration of French overseas territories since 2022: a necessity in regions that have been hit especially hard by the crisis and by inequalities.

Projet Banlieues since 2006:


local associations supported

1.2 M


In 2023, 441 local associations have been supported.

More than ever, local associations, which are well anchored in the daily lives of underprivileged neighbourhoods, need resources to combat inequalities. Giving them the power to take action for greater societal cohesion is one of our priorities.

The philanthropy of tomorrow will be a local-approach philanthropy. Projet Banlieues  will play an essential role in that process.

This project, which is unique and unprecedented in France and is overseen by the Foundation and BNP Paribas commercial banking network in France (BCEF), provides personalised support (advice, upskilling, etc.) as well as financial support of up to 5,000 euros annually for each association for three years.

The associations selected work towards:

  • Access to education: school support, literacy, inclusion via culture, digital inclusion, citizenship assistance, environmental awareness and other areas, etc.;
  • Access to employment: professional inclusion, professional training, mentorship, etc.;
  • Enhanced community living: intercultural and intergenerational initiatives, improved living standards, digital inclusion, creation of social ties, up-close solidarity, land-use planning, environmental transformation, and other areas, etc..

Each year, BNP Paribas employees elect regional favourites (“Coup de Cœur”) from among the supported associations.

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