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Our partners

Much more than simple collaboration agreements, the BNP Paribas Foundation maintains personalised links with its partners, where loyalty and trust are cardinal virtues. Our partners are part of a framework of systemic change designed to generate even more impact. Discover those who give us the power to take action in Solidarity, Environment and Culture!
Last update: 4 July 2024

NB: the associations supported through the Projet Banlieues and Help2Help programmes, as well as the schools supported through the Odyssée Jeunes programme, are not listed here.

Our Solidarity partners – fostering equal opportunities

Youth / Education: tackling social inequalities and early school leaving

Professional inclusion / Entrepreneurship: facilitating professional inclusion and encouraging entrepreneurship

Refugees: supporting refugees through professional inclusion and learning the language of the host country

Women: helping women victims of all types of violences rebuild their lives

Civic engagement: fighting against exclusion and discrimination

Click here to view the other partners supported under the Corporate Philanthropy activities of the BNP Paribas Group.