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The Foundation

As a major player and expert in corporate philanthropy since 1984, the BNP Paribas Foundation focuses its philanthropic activities on two key priorities: innovation and youth. It aims to make an impact on society by supporting projects in the fields of solidarity, environment and culture, and is convinced that philanthropy can be a key lever for change. The BNP Paribas Foundation gives power to those who take action.
Last update: 12 July 2024

Our selection of podcasts

Giving power to those who take action, also means giving media power

The BNP Paribas Foundation produces podcasts that bring to light and promote our partners’ paths and impacts.

In underprivileged neighbourhoods deemed “priority”, there are women and men who keep positive initiatives going on a daily basis in education, combating exclusion, and promoting social inclusion and culture. In Les Beaux Quartiers, Raphäl Yem allows these individuals to present their visions, ambitions, and realities. Their inspiring stories and projects for their “beaux quartiers” (nice neighbourhoods). The real ones.

Classe is a podcast that turns the spotlight on equal opportunities. Or how to make something of your life, when you may have started out in challenging circumstances.

Because philanthropy is one of the keys to better outcomes, in this podcast, we wanted to present to you the Intrepid(e)s! – people who serve others.

Check all the podcasts produced by the Foundation and those to which we contributed (mostly in French):

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Our podcasts

Some awards

The distinctions received

Grand Prize of Philanthropy

The ceremony of the Grand Prix de la Philanthropie held by the Ficade Group recognises “the best work in tandem between patrons of the world of finance and foundations. Beyond the actual philanthropic project, it is the philanthropic approach that is recognised.”

It is the unstinting engagement for almost one decade by the Foundation and the BNP Paribas Group that the Grand Prize for Philanthropy wished to recognise in the “Inclusion” category in 2022. And with its Grand Prize for Philanthropy in the “Urgency” category in 2023, it wished to salute the extent and constancy of resources brought to bear by the Group, particularly the Group’s Foundations in Europe in taking urgent action to facilitate the processing and inclusion of refugee persons.

(c) Grand Prix de la Philanthropie

Deauville Green Awards

The 2023 jury of the Deauville Green Awards awarded two Special Prizes to episode 3 of the documentary series Insignificant, created by Franck Courchamp.

Franck leads the INVACOST research project – a 2014 laureate of our Climate & Biodiversity Initiative – and is in our Scientific Committee since the 2017 call for projects.

Client: Arte
Producer: Lumento
Director: Clément Morin
Duration: 00:03:32

Watch here the entire Insignificant documentary (in French)

The distinctions awarded

Young Researcher Prize

In 2020, at the second edition of the Prix du Jeune Chercheur of the French Foundation for Biodiversity Research (FRB), the BNP Paribas Foundation recognised Valentine Meunier “for her work on the relationship between coral reefs and planktonic diazotrophs in the context of climate change”.

The Foundation also recommended Valentine – successfully – for inclusion in the 2021 edition of the “30 younger than 30” who will change France by Vanity Fair.

(c) IRD